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2015-06-11 15:04:41 by Nikkitheawesomegirl

I want to make a flash in whichh when you click a button, it goes to the next frame. But I tried many onlinne tutorials and when I use the code, it jst flashes between the 2 scenes! Can somebody please give me a helpful code!?


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2015-06-12 23:44:52

You have to add a stop on the next frame or it will continue. it's kinda like a forward-stop, forward-stop, forward-stop pattern. Otherwise, it does a forward-play on you. Stop code, I believe, is:

It's been a while since I did stuff. I'm rusty. :\

Nikkitheawesomegirl responds:



2015-06-13 22:12:40

Go to my most recent news post for tips and GOOD tutorials on everything from Flash creation, to drawing, coloring, and lotsa other stuff. :)

Nikkitheawesomegirl responds:

Maybe, but not now.


2015-06-14 07:55:22

What flash version do you use and what ActionScript (2 or 3) cuz i've been using 2 with script assist wich gives you a menu with all the simple stuff, like the goto, play and stop stuff.
So when I want to make that button. I make a button, klick on 'on' from the menu and then 'goto' (wich gives ya a little sub-menu to wich frame and what scene).

But if you use actionscript 3: I don't know. Tried using it and hated it right away.

Nikkitheawesomegirl responds:

I use AS 2.0


2015-06-14 14:15:58

I've posted a screenshot of flash and scribbled on some instructions

should be pretty simple to use actionscript 2 this way.

Nikkitheawesomegirl responds:

Ok, typical messge is typical.