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IP Banned from the "SUMMER BREAK" chat

2015-06-15 23:49:40 by Nikkitheawesomegirl

I got banned from the below chat for being a furry character named Canalia and trying to get it on with somebody (but not to get them breaked up or divorced) and was IP banned, and when I came back I said I was Canalia and I got IP banned again.......stupid reason to be IP banned :|

Here is the chat:


2015-06-11 15:04:41 by Nikkitheawesomegirl

I want to make a flash in whichh when you click a button, it goes to the next frame. But I tried many onlinne tutorials and when I use the code, it jst flashes between the 2 scenes! Can somebody please give me a helpful code!?